Monday, May 26, 2008


It's about 10pm in Seoul, nearly 6am in San Diego, which means I've slept 1.5 hours in the last 48 hours. I'm completely delirious but have been sung many praises by my peers for still managing to be a bit effervescent.

Training was long today. The 60 summer teachers were split into four smaller groups and we received our training in the english writing section of the SAT. I guess I'll be teaching some writing/reading along with biology, which means I better teach myself some proper grammar- stat!

For lunch I had PAPA JOHNS. Can you believe it? Yuck! But lunch was provided for us and by the time it came around I was starving and submitted myself to two slices of american goodness. 

After the training was over, we had to go to the local hospital to have a health check. They took several tubes of blood, a urine sample, eye and ear exams, and a chest xray. The best part of the day was meeting some fantastic people and having authentic Korean Barbeque for dinner in Apgujeong. We sat on the floor, cooked our own food at our table which included amazing kimchi, grilled garlic, pork, salad, and all kinds of delicious sauces. We took the subway which is air conditioned and in pristine condition to Samseong Station, then walked about a mile and a half to the local landmark "Bang Bang Market" where I turned right and eventually found my accommodation through a maze of side streets. It's a large studio that I'm sharing with a girl who recently graduated from a small school in DC.  

The day was incredible  and everyone I've met is a pleasure to be with.  

I must retire to my sheets... duty calls at 9am tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,
The house is empty and life is dull without you!
Love reading your postings but want pics also!

duvi said...

Who is PAPA JOHN? Are Koreans cannibals or what? (:

Liv said...


Milla said...

LIV!!! I am honestly so jealous-- left you a message on your cell on Saturday, I am guessing you didn't get it. The seaweed porridge sounds yummy...

Marah said...

Papa John's! My fave! Lets just hope they used soy cheese.
Yo woman I'm so glad you made it safe and I LOVE THIS BLOG!
Can't wait to hear more.

Rae Rice said...

Love that you decided to do a blog. I look forward to hearing how your grammarian lessons go (let me know if you need help!). Keep up the blog.


Claudia said...

Liv, you made it! Here's to world travel and...American food everywhere?! I'd go for the green tea porridge over Papa John's. Hugs and warm blessings! Love the blog idea. I think I'll copy you when we are in Austria and environs.
Tanner's mom

Nicole Homel-Tellier said...

So glad you decided to do a blog. You can keep up on the family stuff on my blog and rachel's. These are the links to them...

I want to see pictures of the food...close up and everything...
Be safe & have fun!!
Nicole, Jay & Thurston