Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tap dancing in Seoul

After Mango, Yerin, Laine, and I indulged ourselves with some late night Korean Barbeque in Apkujeong, we headed to Kangnam for some hip hoppin' until the wee hours. The best part was seeing Korean girls blush at the sight of our wild dance moves, and then get so excited when finally feeling comfortable enough to join in on our group! We left around 2am, inhaled a few ice creams on the way home, then called it a night.

Today was the final round of teachbacks (yes, it's Saturday here). We have the day off tomorrow, and Laine and I are planning to check out a traditional Sunday Korean festival. I begin teaching on Monday and will be teaching the fundamentals of reading and writing this month. I spent a few hours preparing my lesson plan after work today (there is A LOT of preparation outside of class), and then walked home (about three or four miles). I'm thrilled to finally get in front of the classroom and have a NORMAL working schedule.

For those that care, I got an A in Biology and Chemistry... one fabulous semester down, three to go.

Enjoy the photos! LOVE!


Marah said...

I knew you'd revolutionize the Asian dance club scene the minute you stepped off the plane. AWESOME PICS! A+ fo life. great job!
PS cute hair!

Liv said...

i only wish you were here to do it with me... wanna visit?!