Sunday, June 1, 2008

Korean Folk Village


I must be quick as I've still got some lesson planning to complete, but today was so fun that the sharing simply cannot wait.

Laine and I went to Suwon- another city about forty minutes by bus outside of Seoul. From there, we took a shuttle bus to the Korean Folk Village. We watched traditional dancing, an equestrian show, traditional wedding ceremony, and perused various exhibits including a Korean medicinal herb house (where we drank tea), silk spinning, and shoe weaving. We finished the day with ice cream in a squeeze pouch, similar to a juice box, except cookies and cream ice cream squirts out! Best thing ever! Oh yes, and before I forget, while watching Korean desserts being crafted out of honey, flour and nuts (SECOND BEST THING, EVER), I ran into a group of Hungarians and had a bit of a chat, I'm pretty sure I may have thrown in some spanish into that conversation... 

After eating Korean food twice per day for the last week, we indulged ourselves in a Korean's version of an American diner- by far the most expensive meal I've eaten this far, and completely worth it. Over dinner, Laine (let me preface this by saying she's got her masters in international relations from Columbia) taught me the ins and outs of the genocide in Rwanda, including a current psychological profile of Romeo Dellaire, and filled me in on everything she knew about Kim-Jong Il (even his passion for Hollywood films). 

We'll be heading to the de militarized zone in a few weeks...


Anonymous said...

Szia Olika,
Koszi a sok kepet es informaciot!
Sok puszi,

Anonymous said...

P.S. Congrats on the As!

Elyse said...

is there moose tracks loaded in a tube?