Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh, life...

A CRAZY thing happened during my hurried effort to find an OPEN bank this afternoon (which proved unsuccessful). I was walking down the road and noticed two blonde females walking toward me on the same side of the street (caucasians aren't exactly discreet in these parts). They were engaged in conversation and paid little attention to me, but as they got closer, I realized I recognized one of the girls. By the time I realized how I knew her, I was so blown away by fate/coincidence/irony that I was completely speechless and too paralyzed to turn around and say "hey what's up Kelly, remember me from Guatemala?" I met Kelly in Antigua, and then bumped into her again in San Pedro... and now in Seoul! But the real irony of the situation lies in the fact that Kelly was the very girl who romanticized teaching in Asia, and turned me on to going to Korea specifically.

Take that Kevin Bacon!

I've included a photo of my favorite lunch. It's tuna and rice wrapped in seaweed in the shape of a triangle. 70 cents of pure deliciosity and true ingenuity. 

PS. Check out the controls on my washing machine (which I notably conquered this morning!)


Elyse said...

no way! you bumped into the girl from guatemala?! that my friend, in the words of oprah, is full circle.

ps: how cool am i that i learned how to italicize & bold! and even hyperlink!! (click here)

Liv said...

Yes! THE girl!!!

i'm so proud of your coding skills! ps I love the definitions in UD

Rae Rice said...

I find that to be a little wierd. I want you to make me one of those delicious little tuna treats when you get back.