Friday, June 20, 2008

random thoughts

It's 6:35 pm, Friday, and I've just eaten 3 bowls of cornflakes, a cucumber, and some cherry tomatoes for dinner. Thats what I had in the refrigerator. I conveniently realized at 4:45 pm that I have only 7o00 won (about 7 bucks) to last me the weekend. Banks close in Korea at 430 pm on weekdays and stay closed all weekend. 


and by the way, I find it exceedingly bizarre that motorcycles are allowed to ride on the sidewalk here. I've been nearly crushed by a fried chicken delivery boy about 10 times now. It makes walking on the sidewalk with headphones a very risky business....

Jeopardy was a hit today. Furthermore, one of my writing students used me as his example for today's essay topic, which was to write about someone who has had a great influence on your life...    


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