Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teaching, Week 1

It's Thursday and I'm finally beginning to feel more calm and confident in front of the classroom. I was a crazed mess the first two days and actually thought that I wouldn't be able to survive three months of this... i.e. finishing teaching at 4:30 and then lesson planning until 12am. It's such a relief that I'm starting to get into the groove, and I believe as long as I continue teaching the same subject material, July and August will be easier and breezier.

Must go grade papers!


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Anonymous said...

When Olivia found her groove...

Hi Baby,
I never doubted that you would be great at this and am so proud of your hard work and dedication! I am also convinced that you will find a way to continually incorporate fun into your daily activities as well!
With love and always on the look-out for your latest news,