Sunday, June 22, 2008

Terror between the sheets

It's 9:14am and I'm so grateful for having had my first experience of sleeping in in Korea. Unfortunately, the reason for my ceased slumber came courtesy of a horrible dream...

Somehow I had managed to sneak into North Korea with my mother. Conspicuous (duh), I was caught by a North Korean soldier who in an instant, took me to consult with Kim Jung Il. He was wearing a blue polo, jeans, and choccos. Weird.

After being analyzed by the Dear Leader, I was given the option to either join his 1,000,000 man army for the next four years, be his lusty lady, or have my head chopped off.

I woke up before finalizing my decision.

Reckon he'll be at the soccer game tonight?


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,
Even though it was more of a nightmare, I am still happy to have been in your dreams (I take what I get...)
I have just dropped Tanner off at the Oceanside Amtrak station; he is effectively off on his adventure.
The house is empty and sad without the two of you!

Elyse said...

yikes! thats quite the dream. i say be his lust lady and castrate him!

Claudia Crase said...

Hey Olivia!
Busy days and wild nights in Korea!
Of late Tim and I have both been having violent dreams--sword fights, shootings--many deaths.
(Maybe they have something to do with all of the endings we are experiencing.)
Last night, I dreamed of a catastrophic earthquake in Helena. A twenty-five foot high wall of rock rubble separated me from my loved ones. One by one, each lovely person appeared, along with many Helenites. The earth shake turned into one great community outdoor party! So, our lives are being shaken deeply, AND all is well!
Love you, dear.