Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dr. Fish and Han River Cruise

Dr. Fish!

Mad Cow Protesters

Jerry and I walking to school

Han River Cruise

Week two of session two is over! It was a tough week but by and large it went well. Though sleep was exiguous (that was for you Elyse), I'm tolerating it well, and am proud of my body for proving so resilient! I am also proud to mention that my reading class ranked number one last week in the "gold" category for its compiled high test scores, fewest tardies, and best behavior!

On Wednesday evening, Laine, her mother and I went to Dr. Fish Cafe. The idea is that there are healing properties that come as a result of having hundreds of little fish nibble away at the dead skin on one's feet. Not quite sure if it's true, but it was nonetheless exhilarating and unique. The video is quite hilarious and even has sound! 

Last night Laine, her mother, and my roomie Yerin went on a Han river cruise. It was so serene and did good things for my psyche. There is something truly majestic about water reflecting city lights.

Today I'm going to do some preparation, hopefully get a manicure, and get to bed early. Tomorrow will be a big day as I'm heading to the demilitarized zone. I believe I'll even be able to go in to North Korea very briefly.... details to follow! 


Elyse said...

i hope exiguous shows up on the test!

and i wanna try the Dr. Fish!

Lindsay Lou said...

that video is hilarious! loves!!!

Anonymous said...

No before and after pictures of your feet?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Congrats on your teaching achievements; WELL DONE BABY!