Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday in the City

How is it that the weekends pass so quickly?

It's Sunday, just before noon. It's bloody humid today, the worst it's been since my arrival.

Last night Jerry and I walked to COEX (Seoul's famously ENORMOUS underground Mall) to see the new Will Smith/Charlize Theron film, Hancock.  It was entertaining and kept us occupied for two hours, but didn't seem to impact me much beyond that. The best part of the night was walking down the streets, beer in hand, knowing that we were well within the parameters of the law (this is a culture that LOVES its drink... there is debauchery, belligerence, and vomit nearly EVERY night of the week). Gross.

There was a very interesting movie promotion outside of coex. A tres ominous faux scene of a UFO crash landing, complete with police tape. I'm speculating it's for the Cloverfield sequel.

This morning I went to the grocery store and purchased my usual assortment of fruits and vegetables, cereal, soy, spicy tuna, and vegetable crackers. I am now parked comfortably at 7M, about to commence my week's preparation. 

I've included a picture of the outre Christian church immediately outside my apartment. It is an ever so odd juxtaposition against the 30-story financial buildings of my hood... 


Elyse said...

i dare you to use fancier vocabulary.
you're blog helps me study for the gre.

Elyse said...

ha. i just mis used you're - not to mention it was used in the same sentence as gre. im going to rock the test!

C said...

hey Livy -- just letting you know that i'm still checking in regularly to read your posts, and still loving them. so glad to hear you're having an amazing time, despite the grueling work load. oh well, it'll be good prep for med school. summer has finally arrived in Seattle so it's been nice seeing the sun again and hangin at Madison Park beach. i miss you! hugs, Craig