Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 1, Session 2 Reflections

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Week one of session two is finally over. This could very well have been the most difficult week of my life, and I have been so stressed, so sleep deprived, that it has taken a physical toll on my body. I have had a nasty cold for a week now, that has recently evolved into a hacking cough. I will be good to my body over the weekend and try to nurse myself back to health so that I can take on next week. Hopefully it will continue to get easier as I become used to feeling like poop and having no personal life.

I do not wish this to bear semblance to a complaint, for I have no regrets for having taken on this job. I have learned. A LOT. Everything from grammar, to Korean culture, to insight into myself. This experience has put many things into perspective for me, and for that I am grateful.

Last night I was paid for the first time in 6 weeks. It was not exactly what I expected, but I suppose that was to be expected. Apparently I will be returned half of the funds that are taken out for taxes/pension upon return to the states.

Last night I went to the jjimjiibang, a Korean bath house replete with pools of varying temperature, several saunas, a sleeping area, dvd bang, restaurant, etc. Some people spend entire days at these places because there is literally no reason to leave. Laine's mother is visiting so the three of us stripped down to our birthday suits and enjoyed the freedom of being in the nude. It was incredibly pure, natural, and freeing. We also paid an extra 20,000 won (twenty bucks) to have a twenty minute scrub. When I opened my eyes, I found myself surrounded by sloughs of skin; pretty nasty, although it made me feel a new degree of clean. I left feeling rejuvenated and appropriately pampered. 

I'm at the seven monkeys staring out the window watching the monsoon. It is so luxurious to have the time to do nothing but stare out a window watching rain fall.

Today I slept until 9am. I am overjoyed.

I have been corresponding with Kalmoe and am particularly inclined to try and make my way to Beijing. My last weekend in Korea is a three day weekend, and although tickets are upwards of $800 (for a two hour flight!), I am oh-so close and fear I may regret it forever should I not see her (along with many of my other fellow UW alums) compete. 

I've posted a picture of my new favorite lunch. I make my own kimbap roles. With wild rice, spicy tuna and kim (seaweed), I've got a delicious roll of fun.

That's all for now. Miss you all very much...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweatheart,
So sorry to hear that you are sick. I wish I could send you some home-made chicken soup by e-mail to expedite your recovery! Do take good care of yourself!
I visit your blog daily and love reading even about the most minute details of your existence.
Now I miss not only you but Tanner as well.
Lots of love,