Monday, August 4, 2008

Dong dae mun market

It's Monday and I've just begun the second week of the third summer session. It was a gorgeous day in Seoul and I was actually able to see blue sky, which has come to be somewhat of an anomaly in the city.

I was honored this morning with my second teacher of the week award- a subtle yet admittedly morale boosting recognition.

I did so much prep this weekend that I have very little responsibility tonight. It will be nice to go home and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

This weekend I finally indulged and did some serious shopping at Dong dae mun market. The shopping starts at 11pm and continues until 4am...  it's absolutely BUSTLING and wonderfully hectic. Yerin and I treated ourselves to some fine Korean luxuries, leaving around 3am nearly toppling over from all our goods.

On Sunday I was meant to go white water rafting and bungee jumping, however our trip was cancelled last minute due to dangerous weather conditions. I'm too bummed to say anything more about that.

I've only got 13 days left of teaching... hard to believe how fast it's gone. Although I was invited to stick around and teach biology year round, I think my time to be a student is soon approaching. Sitting back and taking notes has never seemed so easy...

I find that I have made the transition from acting the role of a teacher to being a true teacher. It's a good feeling seeing my kids grow not just in their "in class" abilities, but as individuals. 



Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,
Good job, as always!
I can't say that I am not glad to hear about you missing out on bungee jumping. Just to think about it makes me feel queasy.
Love you lots,

Elyse said...

Thank goodness you didn't say yes to the year round position. What would I do with you so far away ALL the time?!

Can't wait for the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

AWW! So sorry to hear about the cancellation of River Wild. I'll take you on the river when we're both in Montana some day! Great job on teacher of the week, again! Miss you,
PS I'm starting a blog. I'll keep you updated when I figure out a title and lose my fear of putting myself out there! Bye!