Sunday, August 10, 2008


leftovers from mudfest
bling bling
I went to the alicia keys concert on thursday. AWESOME!
work, lunch "break" 

must be quick, lots to prep.

Today was teacher appreciation adventure day. Our school took all of us to a very fancy seafood buffet. I'm still full and I ate nine hours ago.

Then we went to JUMP! A ninja/comedy production combining performance judo  and pure wackiness. Very funny and excellent entertainment. 

It was the hottest day in Seoul today. After the show I walked around the market at Insadong. Lots of arts and crafts type stuff. Excellent.

Made an appearance at a mini park in the middle of the city. A park with a river running through it. Hundreda of people were splashing around enjoying the coolness of the Haan Estuary. So good. So beautiful. Such pure joy.

I was able to speak with Kalmoe on the phone yesterday. She got third in her heat and will be racing in the reps tomorrow. So exciting!

Yesterday I did some shopping, went for a FABULOUS meal with Yerin and her mother. That was definitely the best meal I've had in the last 3 months. Afterward, I went to the dentist and had my teef cleaned!

Fewer than two weeks until I'm home. So much to do still... must run!

For now, here's some more photos from the mudfest and a few other randoms...


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,

Happy to read about your latest ventures/adventures and RELIEVED that "Jump" had nothing to do with a bungee cord!

Love you a million and can't wait to see you in SD!


C said...

awww yeah! Craigy