Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Today marks Day 1 of my official road to Boston, or qualifying for Boston rather; I'm off to a bit of a shaky start. The fun began when I woke up at 5am feeling like someone had lacerated my throat and stuffed it with cotton bunnies. How is it that I've escaped falling ill all autumn and winter, even escaped parasites in Asia and tetanus from Mission Bay, but still managed to wake up alongside death this morning?  C'est ma vie...

I peeled myself from my warm nest and stumbled to the bathroom to clean out my plugged ears with a warm q-tip, only then to discover fresh blood spewing out of my ear. "Hello? hello? hi, ok". I think I can still hear out of the left side of my head.  On the bright side, at least hearing loss isn't a detriment to running fast, and perhaps now I will have an excuse for my selective listening.

The day o' fun didn't stop there. I coached practice, then bounced off to school, where I proceeded to fall asleep in the front row, and right in front of the projector. And for the record, when I say "fall asleep", I mean it's a wonder I didn't electrocute myself because I woke up cheek and sleeve and desk covered in slobber, mere inches from the fancy piece of powerpointprojectoring.

I apologized to my professor, left lab early, and dragged my feet to the bus stop. Usually I ride my bicycle to school, but San Diego has been hit with such wild weather of late, and I have learned from previous bad decisions that it's better to ride the bus than cycle in the rain. I stood there for a while, letting my brain wander about such topics as deafness, my neck to toe neon green fleece ensemble (seriously), whether it would be possible to convince my teacher I was not in fact as moronic as she probably thought, etc. I checked my watch. Why had I been standing there for forty minutes? Usually my bus comes every 10. How did so much time just pass by? And why was this the fourth time the number 7 had rendered me exhausted? I leaned back to peer at the bus schedule, promptly to realize I had been standing in front of the entirely wrong bus stop while the rest of the world was passing me by. 

I managed to make it home without injury, but then like a gun draw in a shitty western film, came the rapid onset of my cookie craving. When they come, they hit me hard and there's absolutely no escaping the wrath of these inner monsters. Which brings me to the present- throat still feeling as though it were grated alongside my block of parmesan, ear needing a feminine hygiene product, physics neglected, type II diabetes- check, and now too stuffed off cookies to roll over, much less do an hour of steady state and yoga.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

evil devil bus

devil cookies

riding tandem downhill in a monsoon in korea is probably not a good idea if you plan to lose your brakes and shoes

finishing my most recent marathon


The Schumanator said...

Your ambition and drive make me look like a sea cucumber.
You deserve your cookie!

Liv said...

or five