Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the counterpoint

Every story has two sides. Last week I wrote about the consequences of living in a world/country/society where ambition is so highly regarded that it becomes oppressive, rendering us zombie-like and out of touch with life. Some of us, particularly the over achievers, would likely benefit from being committed to one thing fewer, thus less hurried, and more available to stop and smell the  lilies. Furthermore, these individuals would be more happy, more productive (ironically), and overall, less manic. While I wholly believe in said thesis, it is imperative I make one thing clear- this theory does NOT apply to those who lack ambition, nor those without any sense of time or urgency. Case in point- the North Park Post Office. This is most certainly not the place to visit if you have 1.) another appointment within the hour or 2.) an empty stomach. (It is however, the place to go if you have an entire afternoon to kill, or enjoy some fantastic people watching). Here are some more facts about the North Park Post Office.

1. The people who work the desks are very nice, to a fault. They are much more interested in the details of your day than getting your package stamped and sent out in a timely manner.
2. 1 in 3 people (male and female alike) come in to the NPPO donning false hair. This ranges from the spray on type, to the long, curly, very blonde type.
3. All the attractive people I have ever seen in the NPPO are very openly gay.
4. There is never a line with fewer than 18 patrons.
5. Even the ladies who run the front counter adhere to fact #2.
6. One cannot expect to spend fewer then 40 minutes in line.

So perhaps this makes me a bit of a hypocrite or idealist, or preoccupied with my own self interest, but I really would appreciate it if while I lived my life thoughtfully, patiently, and frequently stopping to sniff the flowers, everyone else could hurry the eff up.


The Schumanator said...

but if anyone in that line would have said "COME ON THIS IS TAKING FOREVERRR" everyone else would have thought:
"jeeze, look at that psycho"

Anonymous said...

"Mmmmmkay, thanks!"

Liv said...

indeed Ms. Saturday, indeed