Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm famous and $50 richer, (but $120 more poor)

Npr/ Garrison Keillor, This American Life,Car Talk,etc. have been a part of my life since as early as I can remember. What was once too loudly projected noise whilst riding shotgun in my parent's ride on the way home from ice skating practice, (or worse, insisted upon even when mom was driving me to high school parties with all my friends in tow) is now the noise I can't live without while drinking my double soy mocha upon rising. Considering the Tappet Brothers practically raised me, I decided to cease leeching the system and contribute $120 to their membership drive. Five minutes later, I became famous, and not just once, but TWICE! They thanked me on the air, acknowledging my contribution by reading my name with a tone of regality (maybe I made that up, but it sounded good!). Thanks mom and dad for giving me a nice English ("worldly" as you say) name. (Though I still carry animosity for the middle name you chose for me). Of note, my gift for having contributed to the drive was a $50 gift certificate to Cafe Sevilla-my favorite spanish tapas restaurant and salsa club.

Every time they say "tapas bar" on air, it sounds like they're saying "topless bar". I find it amusing.

I am anticipating an imminent girls night out...

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The Schumanator said...

That is awesome. I should contribute to This American Life - maybe I can be famous too.

Or...More famous, that is.