Monday, March 16, 2009


Whilst I'm suffering from a bit of writers block, I've decided to post an update on life's happenings.

1. I've decided to invest $2000 and commence an MCAT prep course that will run from March 30-June 5. This is in spite of me not having taken any organic chemistry, and only 1 semester of physics. I will have to teach myself o-chem.

2. I've set a tentative date to take the MCAT on June 18, providing my scores on the practice tests are not shameful.

3. I am considering medical school in Hungary, though I'd prefer to attend an American University. School in Hungary would put me closer to more family, allow me to become fluent in the language, travel, receive a high quality education, and not render me broke for the rest of my life. Though, it would make practicing in the US in the future a more difficult option.

4. The women I coach had their first race of the spring season in Arizona last weekend, and then another in Long Beach. They are fast. They like to win and I enjoy helping them get there. We are waiting to hear back from the Seattle Yacht Club to find out if we will receive an invitation to compete in the Windermere Cup/Opening Day races in Seattle. This would mean a lot.

5. Kalmoe and some of the other olympians and olympic hopefuls have arrived in San Diego! Furthermore, Marah and cousin Caitlin will be arriving on Saturday and staying for a week. I do not recall the last time Marah, Kalmoe, and I were together. Vegas?

6. I have had a sore throat for the past week.

7. Marathon training is going well. My favorite part of the training is jumping into the ocean to ice bath my legs after a long run. I'm also enjoying my high tech garmin which uses GPS to give me live splits when I'm running outside.

8. I'm too lazy to vacuum, but I really need to.


Julie said...

9. How did you determine it was official? Did you have to do a blind study with the medicine?

Julie said...

I was just looking at the registration for the Nike Women Marathon in SF. You should write more about your running training. I an interested in hearing about the next events you plan to run!

Randy and Dionne Sillik said...

Hi, is this Olivia, Laine's friend?? If so, this is Dionne. We corresponded once. You were thinking of applying to medical school. I wish you all the best.
If it is not who I think it is then I still wish you all the best. :) Either way, you are welcome to check out my blog

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