Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Time

This weekend marks the 36th annual Crew Classic Regatta . Thousands of competitors from high school, collegiate, and master ages come out to compete in what is considered the largest spring regatta in the country.

In December I took over the Master Women's program at ZLAC Rowing Club. Their progress over the past four months is of honorable mention, and has reaped impressive race results thus far. It is this regatta however, that really counts.

These women will be competing in the "Masters E" and "Masters D" categories at 12:40pm Saturday and 1:40pm Sunday, respectively. Other races worth watching:

Women's Collegiate Varsity - Jessop Whittier Cup Invite (go Huskies!)
Men's Collegiate Varsity - Copley Cub Invite (go Huskies!)
Men's Collegiate Varsity - American Specialty Health Cup (go UCSD!)

Here is the complete schedule of events.


Megan Kalmoe said...

Woo! Go get 'em!

Looking forward to the Crew Classic that we get a Husky Alum boat together.

Liv said...

I've been thinking the same thing since last year!! Let's do it! I wish you were here...

Megan Kalmoe said...

Just looked at results from this weekend this morning--not a bad race for your D boat! How do they feel about it?

Liv said...

Yea, that was my stacked boat. They feel good because they've come so far... I feel bittersweet, of course.

The E boat was ecstatic, one of them came to me and said "I've raced the crew classic six times, and this was the first time I didn't come in DFL".

Progress is progress... I was hoping for the fairy tale.