Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Case You're Wondering....

yes, I'm still alive. I have been a bad daughter/friend/blogger/consumer since having created for myself a (free-time black hole) continual state of solitary confinement in preparation for the imminent MCAT. I consider it moderately daunting that the fate of my career will be determined on June 18, though take solace knowing that every day in the present was at one time the fate of my life. It will always be a non-finite process (that is until I die of global warming related injuries).

Anyhow, marathon training, pleasure reading, love, friendships, relaxing, cooking, sanity, hygiene, etc have taken a back seat to lipids and tangential velocities and gauche conformations. Exasperation coupled with exhilaration and a touch of desperation are the sweet spices of my life. What are yours?


Anonymous said...

If anyone understands the feeling of being overwhelmed, I do. Just hang in there baby; the rewards will come. And I still consider you a good daughter!
Love, Mama

Nicole said...

I can't believe you don't have my blog listed!
You are a bad friend....
still love you dispite your current insanity. come over if you need some know i cook for an army.

The Schumanator said...

The spices of my life are blogging, crafting, and dreaming of a hammock on a beach somewhere.

Hope your studying is going well woman. You are destined for greatness.