Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Hats & Beignet's & Times I Go "weeeeeeee!"

Life has settled for a fleeting beat, providing me opportunity and inspiration to reflect upon recent adventures.

On July 17 I took the MCAT. The profound ebullience that followed revealed just how unbalanced and unglued I had become in the preceding months. I have since been in a much healthier and happier place, realizing I am not the permanently coarsened, cynical, and judgmental person I thought I had become! And although San Diego is still not my favorite of all places, I have learned to concentrate my attention on those simplicities I do enjoy, especially late morning swims in the ocean after a long run up the coast.

So here's the 411 on my most recent goings-ons
  • Opening Day at the Del Mar Fairgrounds followed by 12th Night at the Old Globe's Shakespeare Festival
5 minutes shy of winning the hat contest
  • ZLAC Masters Team Sleepover
evidence it was a good night: seven seat returns with a new piercing, coxswain acquires a pair of fresh skivvies, and coach ends up backseat in a police car

Our 1892 counterpart frowing down on such debauchery

  • One week coaching clinic on the Bayou
"don't mind the alligators nor seasnakes, rather, the humidity"

Catholic Mass with my host family

Bourbon Street, New Orleans


  • One week in Seattle/Oregon racing in the Monte Shelton Northwest Rally with dad

Never thought I'd live the day I'd be pedalmetal and he'd be passenger side shouting "go faster"

With the rally sponsorship of our friends and family, Dad and I were able to raise about $1000 to support Basic Health International , a non profit organization that collaborates with in-country partners to increase training, research and education in neglected areas of womens’ public health in Central and South America. So cool that we were able to combine our hobby with a charitable cause.

I recently returned to San Diego and am savoring my last week of playtime before school resumes on the 24th. No new updates on medical school other than that my MCAT scores will be released next week, at which point my completed secondary applications will begin review by admissions committees.

I suppose I'll be 25 on Thursday, though I'm skeptical it will actually happen.

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Elyse said...

sweet racing gloves!

and ps - you will turn 25, and there WILL be celebrating.