Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now, old enough to be your mother.

My first order of business in turning another year older was to follow suit with last year's extraordinary desserts. Last night Jason took me out for drinks and food at North Park's Linkery. Yes, they do lots of meat, but they also had incredible vegetarian and vegan options, and are very proud of their part in the sustainable food movement. We ate chilled zucchini soup, fire gingered green beans, and a link of their famous chicken tarragon sausage with beer bread and hot mustard. Everything was fresh and delicious. For dessert, we had no choice but to indulge in the most unhealthy and outrageous item on the menu - three scoops of homemade "lardo" ice cream in between two homemade chocolate hazelnut cookies, topped with a strip of candied bacon, and decorated with some swirly caramel and a nectarine for good measure. That was me, doing my part in the ObeseAmericaMovevement, but still, an insane combo of flavors and textures. I'll have the masseuse rub all that junk out of me today. Doesn't it work like that?

Today, now officially a quarter century old, I have plans to indulge in a few girly activities in effort to preserve my fleeting youth. A mani/pedi, facial, and deep tissue massage are in order. I will also do my usual volunteering at the clinic and coaching at ZLAC, then off for a little salsa dancing at Cafe Sevilla downtown! Tomorrow Adrianne is taking me out for more secret birthday shenanigans, and on Sunday night it's 39 steps at the La Jolla Playhouse with mom. Good week!

This time last year I was celebrating the day in Seoul, making a promise that from every birthday forward I would do at least one thing I had never done before. I'm not sure what that will be today, though if I find myself desperate, I will return to the Linkery and eat chicken feet.

-Year 24 at a glance-
  • Celebrated at the Suwon Garden in Seoul after completing a summer of teaching biology, reading, and writing
  • Experienced a challenging breakup, felt feeling, embraced emotion
  • Took over the Head Coach and BH Manager position at ZLAC
  • Completed postbac coursework in chemistry and biology
  • Ran three marathons
  • Had my bicycle stolen
  • Wiped the dust of my guitar, practiced a few times
  • Began writing my book
  • Took the MCAT (and received scores- might have the pleasure of taking it again in year 25)
  • Applied to medical school(s)
  • Published a paper in Hepatology
  • Visited New Orleans and Bayou, saw alligator, ran my first coaching clinic
  • Raced the Monte Shelton Northwest Rally with dad and drove the car my father once said he'd be buried in
  • Raised roughly $1000 for cervical cancer research
-Year 25 Plans and Goals-
  • Rock Physics and Organic Chemistry
  • Take team to Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, win SW Regionals
  • Learn French
  • Make time for yoga or meditation once/week
  • Travel to El Salvador in November as part of BHI clinical team
  • Spend winter holiday with family in Hungary
  • Visit Milla in Netherlands, snowboard in Alps
  • Finish a book (reading one, that is)
  • Run an international marathon
Vive la liv, vive la vida...

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Elyse said...

Year 24 may have been up and down, but definitely all around! Happiest of birthday wishes from E & V.

Cheers to health, happiness, and well-rounded prosperity! xoxo