Friday, December 17, 2010

you bring me to sobriety the way you intoxicate me

i awoke this morning in a blanket of apathy. It's a new face of apathy however, because when I wake (earlier and earlier) it's sans alarm and with utmost enthusiasm. i'm brimming with unharnessed energy. i do not feel confined to my bed, rather compelled, totally moved to seize my days, to explore, travel, eat, sex, love, learn. i desire play. This Apathy i feel is not because nothing compels me, it's because the world compels me.. (but)my world awakens to morning glory on the other side of the atlantic.



...but you know, I hate dreamers and for now, this is what I sense myself. Wasting my days in a state of hope and fantasy rather than in action, paralleled and entangled action.

waiting, eager, &ready for these dreams of mine to come to fruition.

wait. weight.

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