Monday, May 30, 2011

Church Bells

This weekend Giulio and I attended his cousin's wedding in his hometown. Everything was perfect. We began the day with a morning run on narrow roads through the country. The traditional Catholic ceremony began around 11am and was followed by a beautiful lunch in the house next door to Giulio's parents' home. The food was incredible and everything was perfectly arranged. After dining for nearly 5 hours, we returned home for a siesta in effort to prepare ourselves for the country-themed red lipstick/mustache party (opting to penetrate social standards with a decided role-reversal). We spent the night drinking, eating, dancing, and even bobbing for apples- it was a beautiful affair and a sensational party.

The following morning, Giulio and I enjoyed breakfast outside, after which I excused myself to the restroom for 5 minutes, to find him upon my return, standing against the courtyard doors with a massive gun aimed at the passing pigeons.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you guys, you've just transported me over there for a little peak and now I am even more excited about my rapidly approaching visit!