Friday, June 17, 2011

Rigatoni with Olives & Anchovies

Per the request of a friend, I present you (Giulio's) rigatoni with black olives and anchovies. This is my favorite Italian dish to date.

What you need to serve two VERY greedy people
one onion or a few shallots; chopped
a few cloves of garlic; whole, minced, or a combination of the two
fresh tomatoes (see below); chopped, or one can.
10-15 black olives; pitted OR pre-sliced (prettier but not as delicious)
8 anchovies; rinsed and sliced in half
1/4 cup cream or 1/2 cup whole milk 
olive oil; enough to bathe in
salt, pepper, and parmesan to taste
pasta; preferably rigatoni or penne

What to Do
While the salted water is boiling, cook the onions and garlic on medium heat for a few minutes. Add the pasta to the water. Add the anchovies and swim them around in the hot oil for a few minutes, then add tomatoes. Continue stirring for a few more minutes then add olives and 1/2 cup of pasta water. Continuing with your tenacious stirring, add milk one minute before the pasta is drained (al dente, people). Add pasta to pan and cook for an additional minute. Add salt and pepper to taste, then garnish with parmesan. 

keep the heat on medium
add this many tomatoes from the garden
or a can if you don't have enough, cheater
de-pit and chop yourself for better flavor
cook for several minutes before adding milk
immediately after draining, add pasta
season with salt and pepper and parmesan


Caitlin said...

This is the best pasta EVER. EAT IT. NOW. With a large serving spoon. This enhances inhaling capabilities.

Liv said...

my thoughts exactly!