Friday, July 8, 2011

Al Pont de Ferr

Giulio and I stepped out for dinner in the Navigli area of Milan last night. Heeding the advice of a trusted friend, we entered the unassuming Al Pont de Ferre, delicately situated on the canal's bank. Given what we had been told about the aesthetic and gustatory quality of the food, we were both surprised by the unpretentious decor- it struck me as a typical Italian osteria where one could acquire a traditionally tasty bowl of spaghetti, no more; I assure you the ambience was the only thing standard about this place.

First surprise- a mandatory glass of champagne on the house. I loved this touch, made me feel far more important than I am.

We had been sufficiently prepped for this restaurant being an experimental and gastronomic sensation, so when a BAG of water arrived at our table, we grinned childishly at each other, reveling in the unconventionality. Eager to pour, Giulio picked up the bag and aimed it toward my glass. I stopped him, insisting that I first capture this still life with a photo. As I was doing so, the waiter appeared with the bottle of Prosecco we had ordered, and poured me a small glass to taste.

this is not your water, waiter

I sip and smell, agree that I like it (see, it's the best Prosecco I've ever had), he smiles, then places our bottle into the bag of chilled water. Prosecco stays fresh and we successfully avoid a faux pas. Waiter leaves, Giulio and I look at each other with bulging eyes, then erupt into laughter.

prosecco in the bag

We order fix prixe- he from the seven course menu, I from the five course menu. I won't reveal all the private sensorial delights of our experience, but I will say that the food is impeccably presented, explosively delicious, and that the ambience is impressively modest - so much that by the end of our twelfth course and third hour of dining, we were  relaxed enough to drink from the water bag anyway... as Giulio brilliantly puts it- poor table manners are acceptable so long as you know they're poor. Buon appetito.

candied red onion with goat cheese

beef filet and foie-gras with plum

fish, foie gras & citrus mosaic

homemade pea-shaped pasta filled with peas

pan fried fillet with parsley pesto

rabbit kidneys with scallops and Castelmagno cheese

winter chocolate tree with almond mousse & pistacchio

grappa and licorice liqueur, on the house
seasonal changes by way of dessert (stupid-ass video i made)
music by Vivaldi

Al Pont de Ferr
osteria con cucina
55 - Ripa di Porta Ticinese -55
tel. +39 02.89406277
dalle 12.30 alle 14.15
dalle 20.00 alle 01.00


Mad Dog said...

Food art at its artiest!

Do you think they'd supersize those portions or do an "all you can eat" option on the menu...?

InkSpot said...

Gross! Rabbit Viscera. Beautiful! Edible art. Love the mosaic and the dessert!