Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

Yesterday we learned about this thing called nephroptosis which causes the kidney to sag in the body due to a disappearance of visceral fat. It can be caused by diseases like pregnancy and anorexia. This year I'm thankful for having neither of the two and for generally being hefty enough to maintain my organs at their proper height.

Liv: 1
Gravity: 0

Last night I went out for a somewhat shitty "gourmet" thanksgiving meal with an assortment (culturally speaking) of folks (figuratively speaking) from my university. The food was overpriced and overly aesthetic-centered. I wanted me some straight up ugly Betty Crocker shit- stuffing, gravy, turkey and mashed sweet potatoes with those heinous little marshmallow thingies on top. Instead, Giulio and I walked away with an 85 euro bill and an uncomfortably high sobriety level. On this note, I am also unthankful for the fact that we didn't receive these two days off from lessons- my mind just can't reconcile why the school recognizes Jewish holidays (for instance) but not America's obesity-centered holidays. According to me, all represented cultures should, in fact, be represented in an International MD program. But whatever, I protested by skipping classes today anyway. Actually, I'm not so much indulging my activism as I am simply nauseated. Plus, I'm playing catch-up. I've got an exam every week until Christmas and my weekday binge drinking is forcing me into a somber detox-demanding mood.  

I'm searching for a hobby outside of drinking and studying. Life as a med student is manic and it's essential to indulge in outside activities to keep oneself sane. balanced. mentally charged, (meanwhile periodically decompressed). Me. Well, I'm still trying to access that. I don't have my piano or guitar. but I do download The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on iTunes which really helps keep things light. Sometimes Giulio and I play chess too, but it took me about 30 games to finally beat him and I've refused to play since experiencing that sweet taste of victory. I suppose I have also been feeling the runners itch lately, but I'm not sure whether this is a matter of hygiene or in fact my curiosity to know whether I could outruna Triceratops should the occasion every arise. The Milan marathon is in April; I've been flirting with the idea, but my knee still hurts from that one year I ran four marathons with a training regimen that consisted of driving my car to work.

i digress.

My big news and big thanks is that based on my previous coursework, I was able to skip the first year of medical school. This is really huge because it saved my sugar-mother on the order of like, $25,000 and more importantly, put me one year closer to an early retirement. I freak out a little each day that I spend a shamefully hedonistic amount of time fantasizing about going skiing, wearing ugly sweaters, and drinking eggnog. I also think a lot about how I would really love to be a writer or a teacher. This past year I've noticed an immense shift in my attitude toward "success"- either my priorities are changing, or my definition of success is changing (see- becoming a professional eggnog drinker). It's strange. I don't care so much about perfect grades. I care more about things like gardening. I miss my family and my dearest friends. No, I actually crave them. I wonder sometimes if I'm really cut out for this med student business. Sometimes I sense myself as a phony. But at this point, I'm going to keep faking it until I make it. 

my biggest thanks to you, who i love
(dreaming of ugly sweaters and eggnog...)


Elyse said...

Cheers, my love! I virtually clinked my coffee mug with your glass just now.

ps. lets all run away to the hills. the boys can make wine and we teach can teach the mountain children. xoxo

Deb said...

That is awesome news!!! You got it all together!
Deb Colomb

Milla said...

OLIVIA!!! always writing from the heart and I'm thinking we can fill in that blank with COMEDIAN? I peed my pants.. but they are lulu lemon so they soak it up nicely..

PS- tell EHO I will run to mtns with you but who are these BOYS we are talking about and do I have to bring my own?... BYOB? ...

InkSpot said...

XOXO - I friggin miss you, big timie
You're not a fraud or a phony. And I disagree about being a failed writer, too.
Now off to find an adequately hideous Xmas sweater and a Santa doo rag.

Ari17 said...

I must say reading this was lovely.
Also, at some point I will find a night to have you and Giulio over for dinner.
& as far as I'm concerned, being a medstudent is often outrageously frustrating, but I personally can't help loving it.
I have no idea of what "phony" means, but you're not one (and you'll tell me the meaning of it asap, right?).
Basically, I loved this dive in your personality (the one you evidently haven't left at home). However you feel about being here, I'm definitely glad you are.