Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Latest Obsession

I've finally sorted out my Nikon D60- it had a broken piece of plastic attaching the lens to the body which cost me $62.00 to fix- two dollars in parts and sixty in labor (and like, thirty in gas money because the shop was in an insanely rural part of town). When I finally unraveled it from its protective bubble wrap, I realized that the eyepiece had gone blurry; I tried with all my might to fix it using only my intrinsic skills, but eventually surrendered and read the manual which is something I fundamentally hate. Anyway, after a simple shift of the diopter, everything has been resolved and I can now resume iPhone-free image sharing. And so, I present you my flavor of the week: POCKET COFFEE.

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The Schumanator said...

Sweet! Try this tutorial some time while you're messing with your camera. its challenging but cool...Tried it with our XMas lights!