Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day?

Well, it's the day after the day after Christmas, which I guess makes today Tae Bo day, or whatever.

I'm officially on winter break which, in medical school lingo, means I have a respiratory physiology exam the day after I get back from "vacation" and a cumulative morphology exam testing everything I've learned since October within the month. You say happy holidays, I say fuck you.

Giulio and I decided to indulge in spite of ourselves by going skiing/snowboarding for three days. The snow was not perfect but we had heaps of fun drinking vin brule, bombardini, and thick ass hot chocolates.  We ate hot dogs and french fries whenever we felt like it and finished each day with a glass of Gewurztraminer- so delicious it left sugar crystals in the bottom of the glass.

Unfortunately we have since returned from our giro and now the cruel, cruel reality has set in- Giulio is back at work (for free) and I have drank six coffees, eaten three bowls of cereal, and managed to successfully avoid opening my histology textbook. I was so afraid of finding myself incapable of absorbing academic material that I opted instead to spend the morning doing something that makes me feel truly confident in my repertoire of skills:

and by "skills" I don't actually mean doing laundry, just watching it.

Anyway, I guess it's about time for me to go pluck my unibrow. I'll leave you with a cheery holiday photo and a video of me shredding the slopes in the Italian Alps this past weekend. Buone feste a tutti. X

a big bear hug from yours truly


Anonymous said...

I want to adopt the baby bear!


Milla said...

i thought u looked sick with that spin and then came the bomb. love it. need to come practice bombing soon. very soon.

Elyse said...

happy holidays you two. and by that i mean, fuck you. ;) kiss!