Thursday, January 5, 2012

Read the Signs

For those select members of the Italian public who are not necessarily capable of relying on their inherent good sense, there are visual aids. Here are some of my favorites from the past two weeks:

This one below I found by mistake as I was looking through my photos from our last trip to the mountains. Notice the sign behind Giulio's head: 

a close up:

And finally, what is perhaps my favorite sign of all: "Vietato Fumare". You know, it's really quite rare to see a 'no smoking' sign in Italy. In fact, this is the only 'no smoking' sign I've ever seen in Italy. Anyway I'm glad they nailed this useful suggestion to the wall, particularly given the fact that we're IN THE GYM. bene.

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Natalie said...

YES! I saw one today in the post office and thought "Obviously!" Then I remembered what country I was in.