Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marketing Wellness

For those living in a social vacuum (and so, not yet privy), Groupon is a billion dollar company that provides  substantial discounts on popular services. It began in the United States in 2008 and has spread more aggressively than chlamydia on a college campus. It tailors its featured discounts toward deals believed to be most appealing to the public of that region- an algorithm I imagine to be founded upon expensive and extensive market research which in the end, appears only to confirm every stereotype that any pedestrian could surmise about a particular city. Take for Instance:

Mexico City vs. Abu Dhabi
$250 worth of tacos vs. a sand boarding and camel-riding desert tour

San Diego
"Wellness" as reflected in beauty: non-surgical facelifts, waxing, & fitness

"Wellness" as reflected in lifestyle: 10 liters of olive oil, 24 bottles of wine, pizza & booze, antismoking therapy

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