Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holiday 1, Best Of

Giulio and I just returned from two weeks in Turkey. It's an extraordinary country with a broad range of things to do, an impressive history, stunning landscapes, delicious food, and welcoming people.

In honor of this blog being dedicated to my ineptitude in Italy, I've decided to refrain from featuring the blues and greens of the glittering coast, the reds  and oranges of the fiery sunsets, or the deep purples  of harvested eggplants, and instead  share with you the less conventionally appreciated moments of our travels.

Let me first just say that on day three I barfed twice in a random kebab shop in Uchisar, and on day six we both almost crapped our pants in Pamukkale.

hiking Love Valley: one can easily discern the reason behind its romantic name.

unfortunately we were only able to sample the peanuts

oh no, no no

they really did look genuinely fake

wonder if I can get a discount if I buy the onions in bulk?

why bother with natural beauty when your girlfriend is a FOX!

giulio's observations: five waiters, one cup.
bullying: their collective burst into vindictive laughter when Giulio dropped his keys
shark bait: a clandestine attempt to woo me with honeyed words in the two minutes G was gone for a bathroom break

lunch pairing of fermented vegetable juice to accompany Bosphorus street sold fish sandwich, purchased after forgetting my seeing glasses/mistaking it for pomegranate juice. 

(Did I mention we almost crapped our pants in Pamukkale?)

Ok, but seriously, GO TO TURKEY.


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Anonymous said...

Delightful read, sorry about the tummy troubles (evoked vivid memories of the Inca trail).
Are you becoming a hiker now?

Natalie said...

I am particularly fond of the fake watches, but love all of this. I made it to Istanbul for the first time this summer, but may have more exploring to do in Turkey...