Monday, February 11, 2013

Brane Damidge

I'm quite certain you didn't notice I've been missing for two months. 

But in the event you did, (and weren't rejoicing in this AWOL status of mine), I apologize. I've been a very busy girl. So I decided to put together a little photo montage to recapitulate the highlights of my glamorous life in Milan during recent weeks:

Don't worry, I'm not begging for sympathy because (I'm a positive person!!!!!!!) and amidst this insufferable final exam season, I have actually managed lots of extracurricular activities to keep myself balanced during my studies: 
  • breaking my favorite mug (featured in first photo)
  • acquiring a new lime green highlighter (not featured)
  • acquiring a vitamin D deficiency (self diagnosed)
  • changing into a new pair of study pajamas/changing my underwear
  • brushing my teeth a couple times
  • shaving my legs
  • Leaving the house on three separate occasions: 

1. To take my public oral immunology exam 
2. To get a checkup at the hospital because microbiology turned me into a hypochondriac

nevermind, i guess it was only twice.

Just wondering, have you ever been so stressed that when the lead from your mechanical pencil broke from writing too hard, you started crying?

me neither.

Then the New Year came and so I decided to distract myself with a little bit of therapeutic list-making.  I found that focusing on some of the positive ways I could change my life made me feel quite tranquil and more motivated than ever to be a better person in 2013:

Here's an update on my resolutions since I wrote this list six weeks ago:
1. no comment
2. I've gained three
3. no comment
4. I popped a pimple ten minutes after I wrote this so, yeah
5. HA!

In other news, I noticed that our Brita was growing a tree from the inside, so I ordered some replacement filters. What arrived put me into undivided panic:

What the hell is this?!

"DO NOT OPEN". Ummm.. ok? I decided to take my chances and open them anyway, and other than them being the WRONG BLEEDING SIZE, nothing inimical has happened so far. But I'm not retiring my skeptical armament just yet.

And finally as the cherry on top, an old friend from my childhood popped by out of nowhere to say hello after twenty years of dormancy- Herpes Simplex 1 on my eye!!! Obviously this was far and away the highlight of the holiday season. I always love reconnecting with old friends.

Looking forward to springing into spring 2013... good things on the horizon.

Miss you,


Anonymous said...

Not prolific but always amusing Liv

Liv said...

no pain no gain!

The Schumanator said...

I have the same 5 resolutions. I've had them since I was 13. I'm nothing if not consistent.
Also, I feel like this "Do Not Open" sticker is a redux of the "Do not remove" sticker on your passport. The sticker world is just fucking with you at this point.

The Schumanator said...

Snap! I revisited the passport post, and the sticker said DO remove this sticker! Ah well. The sticker world is still fucking with you just the same.