Saturday, August 10, 2013

The newest addition to our family

No, we're not pregnant...

and no, it's not a puppy.

...but the newest addition to our family is probably just as cute and doesn't even leave hot craps around the house!

The summer is an expensive time in Casa di Cavalli. We've got mandated vacation, each our own birthdays, the birthdays of most our closest pals, and our anniversary. It's the time of year that Giulio and I lay down stern ultimatums that strictly prohibit gifting of unnecessary and expensive material goods. But even so, each year we become progressively more disobedient.

Hence, the Latissima was born: 

Though she costs a small fortune and was born a bastard, she will make you an espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, or latte macchiato with milk frothed to perfection... unlike her ugly stepsister, the DIY Cappuccino

You know how new moms always talk about the new powerful love they experience when they have a child? The love that is unlike any love they've ever experienced and fills their lives with meaning and purpose? Well, that's exactly how I would describe the way our new Latissima makes me feel. And you know what else? I DO resist the urge to upload hundreds of photos and videos of our new cappuccino machine baby while it does the same cute milk frothy thing over and over and over and over and over and over again. 

But since this is my blog, I feel that I'm at liberty to let loose.

Baby can get dressed up in all different kinds of cute outfits!!!:

Here is baby getting ready to make cappuccino!!!!!!: 

Here is baby making a macchiato. Haha baby almost ran out of milk!

Here is baby adding the double shot to a latte macchiato. (So precocious!!!):

Baby looking larger than life (I never knew I could feel so much love):

And baby playing with her new friend! (awwwww!)

Our baby never lies, never cries, never screams, never steams. She gives me milk, and she even prevents headaches! We are very happy to welcome our new bimba to Milan, and to the entire social media world. 

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