Sunday, April 27, 2014

a mild & exotic zeitgeist

We have a Sinhalese housekeeper named Dennis who I adore. 

Actually, Dennis is kind of like a legend in my eyes (though I still have doubts whether "Dennis" is in fact his true name).

Dennis the Legend is even part of the reason why Giulio and I decided to go to Sri Lanka last year. He also knows I am obsessed with spicy food. One day I came home to find the house sparkling, and this precious gift:

Living Legend!!
I am obsessed with the imperative phrase: "TRY IT". 
(Although, I have yet to do so.)
I also love the "BYE". 
(And the fact that it's sweet and sour chicken in a can.) 

Moving on, this is a pretty typical conversation I have with one of my friends in Italy. Sometimes I worry we might be regressing in our mutual mental fortitude/time spent engaged in meaningful discourse, but then I just eat some carbohydrates and forget about it.

Lately I have been working around the house trying to break in my new high heels.

I was also recently the recipient of some particularly illuminating advice, which I would be negligent to not share with the rest of my small social community: 

My future in-laws (!!) just came back from Cuba bearing American embargoed flammable goods. Bless them. 

Giulio also made a new BFF with whom he now coordinates outfits as a mechanism of publicizing their mutual obsession with each other. I fear I may have been replaced by someone not only more handsome, but who also (finally) boasts a much more wholesome mustache than my own.

(To which I responded with several public necking sessions with my old high school sweetheart, the least gratuitous photo of which can be seen here.) 

The weather has been nice lately. 

Also, my Hungarian side of the family came to visit. 

They are mythical creatures, aren't they? Particularly my enchanting grandmother who I only now realized eats gelato with an enthusiasm I've never experienced for anything in my life, EVER. Just look at her face:

Grandma, This is for you. 
(it's mild and exotic)

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