Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Some yellow ass rice

Risotto allo Zafferano is as Milanese as it gets. 

Saffron has this wonderful, almost plasticky, cardboard flavor that you can't imagine appreciating until the moment it seduces you; for me this means shoveling it straight out of the pan with a wooden spoon into a hole in my face until I enter a state of delirium, even though I don't even really like it.  It is traditionally served with ossobuco (bone marrow) and red wine. In its complete rendition it's a dish fit for a King whose wealth is paralleled by the firmness of his arteries.  

I'm frankly too lazy to tell you how to make it, but pretty much all ya'll need is arborio rice, a chopped onion, two glasses of dry white wine, saffron threads, beef broth, butter, salt, and pepper. Basically you just throw it all in the pot for 30 minutes then grate a block of parmesan on top at the end. What results is some yellow ass rice. 



Natalie said...

"fit for a King whose wealth is paralleled by the firmness of his arteries."

Much <3

Mar said...

arf! My left eye lid (lower) has been twitching for a week too. Its an omen. Now get out there and drive around!

Liv said...

vroom vroom Mar. Sounds like we both needs some sleep and a benzo. <3