Sunday, August 7, 2016

How they do

It's Sicily. skip rocks into Africa. watch the second hand tick counterclockwise. be fed by gavage because thats the kind of hospitality we're talking about. and see the boys who trade their pants for a smile and never forget their purse on an evening jog. 

Thumbs are always up.

Alternatively, the leg is up.

Things don't always work, but you don't really mind.

Signage can be misleading. 

"European citizens, over 65 years of age, has been abolished."

Free to do what exactly? 

No idea.

Eat cannoli and sfinci di san giuseppe. prepare yourself for a seven hour period of self-loathing.

Revitalize with the typical breakfast of lemon granita sandwiched into a brioche bun. "molto fresco per l'estate" translation: Fresh AF. 

Eat seafood. Wade in waste deep to the mediterranean and scoop urchin out with your finger, dip it in your pie hole.

Order a pizza with fried eggplant on top.

 Try all the flavors of tiny artisan gelato. 

Drink a beer and stare into blue.

Marvel at oldies but goodies.

Let the beauty of each day heal you. 

If life has had you eating hot turd panini on the daily, go to Sicily and trade it for a lemon granita sandwich. Go to the place where you're reminded of the most basic but most fundamental of life's pleasures- a full belly, the love and affection of friends and family, the warmth of the sun on your face, dried salt on your body. It is here where I felt again for the first time in a long time the serenity that pairs with unadulterated happiness. 

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Gilly said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better