Friday, March 6, 2009

NPPO Hates Me

Yet another reason to loathe the nppo. This afternoon I cruised there on my bicycle just to mail a 39 cent letter. To my horror, (literally) out of pocket came my twentydollabill, rendering me $20.39 more poor.
Hopefully the octomom finds it.


The Schumanator said...

Oh I totally sympathize - losing dolla dolla bills ya'll is not a good look. Particularly when Mr Jackson is on them.
Take comfort in knowing the same thing has happened to me, and 2 years down the line I found a (someone else's) $20 bill on the ground and considered it repayment.

Mad Dog said...

39c letter? The NPPO sounds great. Up here in Seattle first class mail went up to 42c awhile ago. LOL!

Liv said...

I think I had just recently found $20, so this might have been be being equilibrated.