Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Changes Occurred

On May 24, 2008 I began this blog as a way to document my adventures teaching in Seoul. It seems that after three years, I'm back where I started.

proof that sorcery does actually exist

This Saturday I am moving to Italy. The transition was inspired by love (I bought my one-way ticket last December), but it worked out beautifully that earlier this month I was accepted to medical school in Milan.

I find it quite amusing that people are curious about what goes into one's suitcase during a transition abroad. My answer is consistently simple and perhaps slightly blasé: "nothing".  I'm actually eager to leave my stuff as I reckon the accumulation of nostalgia-based knick knacks solemnly unhealthy. Still, I am somewhat disappointed to be leaving behind so many great pairs of shoes that could very well assume their own suitcase.  

Two summer trips back to California are in store- one for some gnarly bureaucracy/visa administration, and another for Vince and Elyse's Wedding. For this reason, I intend to immigrate slowly, gradually expanding my closet with an additional 1/10 of my clothing collection upon each return to Italy.  

School starts in October and the summer is brimming with calendered activities, so stay eager as I stay posted. 



The Schumanator said...

As the Ravenclaw of Hogwarts say (wow, I just went there): "A Circle has no beginning"

Hooray for leaving off where you started out!

Please blog constantly. KAMSAMNIDA!!

Elyse said...

agree with allie, BLOG CONSTANTLY! you are very missed, but vince and I can't stop saying how happy we are to see you so happy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. te voglio bene!

Liv said...

ti voglio bene!